There is no doubt that Europe is home to the greatest football leagues in the world today with the English premier league, La Liga and the Bundesliga being part of the list. Some of the greatest football-loving nations are also found in Europe. They include world number one Spain, Germany, Italy, and England. You simply cannot overlook the place that football or soccer like they call it holds in the hearts of the people in the European region. Football is like a part of the life for a majority of Europeans today.

Spain, perhaps the most successful national football team is loved and revered by millions across the globe. The team thrashed Italy 4-0 in the Euro 2012 final to claim the title for a consecutive time. That is exactly what champions do and thus you cannot just overwrite the place that Spain national team holds when it comes to the world of footballs. Perhaps at this time you might be asking, how the process of football trials in europe is like. Well, you don't have to worry at all.

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European football trials - How It Goes

If you are an established footballer and you are looking for links to join some of the greatest football teams in Europe today, it is important to make sure you adhere to all guidelines of transfers and trials as stipulated by the teams you plan to join in . First of all, most of the top plight football clubs in Europe today prefer people of a minimum age of 9 to join their academies and those who want to join the main teams ought to have attained eighteen years of age or the government age as stipulated by the various states.

Age Verification Plays a Vital Role

The first and most critical step you will have to go through before you get enrolled or signed by any of the best football clubs in Europe is that you will have to verify your age. The signing experts at these clubs have special tools and technologies to make use of when doing this. If you are found to have falsified your age, you will not qualify for the signings.

What Teams Have You Played For Before?

The teams that you have played for before will also determine your chances of joining the top leagues in the world today. Most high class teams prefer players from recognized clubs just to make sure that they don't affect their quality of play. Again, your nationality also plays vital role in this case. Generally, if your home national team is ranked below per according to the FIFA rankings, you might not qualify to join most of these teams. In fact, almost all of them prefer players from countries with demonstrable abilities to nurture and grow the football talent.

Does Your Current Club Agree Terms With The Club You Want To Transfer To?

Last but not least, even if you qualify in the trials and your current club does not agree with your move, it might be pretty hard for you to make any progress. Apart from money, there is a whole lot of issues on which the two dealing clubs have to agree on. So, if you want to join Manchester United, Chelsea, Real Madrid, Barcelona, Bayern Munich or such-like clubs, you will have to go through these processes.